Saturday, January 20, 2018

Zenit Miniatures - New Kensei Releases

Zenit Miniatures released new sets for Kensei:

Link: Zenit Miniatures

Steamforged Games - Ratcatchers Guild Preview

Steamforged Games announced a new team for Guild Ball:

Link: Steamforged Games

Microworld Games - New Fantasy Naval Preview

Microworld Games published a first preview of their Dwarf Dreadnoughts:

Some previews of upcoming fantasy naval miniatures. Dwarf dreadnought, 49mm long.
Link: Pictures on facebook
Link: Microworld Games

Durgin's Paint Forge - New Previews

Durgin's Paint Forge presents new Fantasy miniatures:

Link: Pictures on facebook
Link: Durgin's Paint Forge

Toad King Castings - Shambling Mounds Release

The Shambling Mounds are now available from Toad King Castings:

Link: Toad King Castings

Friday, January 19, 2018

Privateer Press - January Releases

Privateer Press released a new wave of miniatures for Hordes:

Link: Privateer Press

V&V Miniatures - New Viking Preview

V&V Miniatures presents a new Viking warlord:

Link: Pictures on facebook
Link: V&V Miniatures

Lost Kingdom Miniatures - Lizardmen Previews

Lost Kingdom Miniatures announced a new range of Lizardmen:

Link: Pictures on facebook
Link: Lost Kingdom Miniatures

Kormlech - New Terrain

Kromlech released a new terrain set:

Link: Kromlech

Mongrel Miniatures - New Modern Pakistanis & Afghans

Mongrel Miniatures released new Modern Pakistanis and Afghans:

Link: Mongrel Miniatures @ Badger Games

Wyrd Miniatures - New Previews

Wyrd miniatures published new preview pictures:

Link: Wyrd Miniatures

Avanpost Miniatures - Thirty Years War Cavalry Previews

Avanpost Miniatures presents new preview pictures:

Link: Avanpost Miniatures on facebook

Baccus - New 6mm Great War Releases

Baccus offers 6mm Great War Commonwealth troops for the Middle East theatre:

Link: Baccus